Monday, December 18, 2006


Comment Moderation, Engaged!

So those of you looking for Viagra, Cialis, and a bigger bust in 30 days as well as other quackery will have to click elsewhere. There have been too many junk comments recently.

News is slow given the holidays, but this forum will be updated more often after the new year. Please continue to check back!

In the meantime, if you need a sobering read, check out Peter Fiske's new science careers blog. Particularly, "Watching a Train Wreck, part 1".


Friday, December 15, 2006


Best Places to Work for Postdocs 2007

The annual The Scientist postdocs survey is up, and this is your chance to rate your institution. Check out the link.

All those who complete the survey by January 10, 2007 may choose to enter a prize drawing for a gift certificate worth $250 from

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Speculative Job Ads

Dave Jensen at started a thread on the value of job ads posted online and explains why they are of decreasing usefulness for the typical job seeker:

"One company that I know buys so many job ads that they've brought the price down on a major job posting site to as little as $5 per ad. This means, I'm afraid, that managers can run many different versions of an ad. Some companies use the job ad as a screening tool, not just to find the right candidates, but to identify the right kind of job description. "

This is an important point, and illustrative of why time spent applying online may be of limited use compared to finding ways to get your resume/CV physically in the hands of the as-of-yet unidentified hiring manager for a particular position. I will admit, the latter can feel scarier.


Quintiles Expanding Durham Office

All the more reason to get your clinical ducks in a row (or start finding some ducks to begin with... or maybe dressing your chickens as ducks...particularly since at the NIEHS we are overrun with Canadian Geese--would those doing resume screening know the difference?)

Mangled, tongue-in-cheek metaphors aside, there are bound to be a few extra PhD jobs in there over the next 6 years, and it is wise to watch the direction of expanding companies in the area.


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