Wednesday, August 16, 2006


GenomeDance! Coming to Duke 9/14-9/15

If you are skeptical about interpretive dance as a method to bring genome science to the public, well, I'm right there with you. However, based on some of the performance reviews I have read, it could be fun to watch (even if not for the reasons the choreographers intended).

From the Wesleyan Argus, 2/10/2006

"Ted Johnson, in a monastic costume, portrays Gregor Mendel exuberantly.... A large box-like structure covered in a gauzy fabric encloses Johnson for a time on stage. When he leaves it, he engages it in a dance that evokes the feeling of witnessing an internal dialogue in the scientist's mind that gives birth to his discoveries in heredity.... Another "character" used to explain factual information is the flamboyant Miss TATA. Unlike Mendel, Miss TATA is completely fictional; her name is a play on a particular sequence of DNA. As Miss TATA, Elizabeth Johnson mischievously tantalizes the audience as a dominatrix of DNA and cell life. With a flourish of her whip, Miss TATA explains how she turns cells on, provoking the biological processes that determine how our bodies work. She excitedly explains the magic of cell activity, even embracing death."

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