Sunday, August 13, 2006


Tackling the thorny topic of the public understanding of evolution

The science that many of us carry out on a daily basis would not be possible without the process of biological evolution. However, researchers are at odds with certain groups of the lay public who argue against evolution as a tenable theory.

While this may insult many of us to our scientific core, such views and the scientific misunderstandings that create them must be addressed if we are preserve wide-ranging public support for research activities.

AAAS, the publisher of the renown
Science magazine, has released The Evolution Dialogues which stands up evolutionary theory against comments from its detractors. Its goal is to educate both sides to each other's views and find common ground for discussion.

You may find this book a useful study piece to bolster your own conversations. It costs only $11.95 with shipping.

I have enjoyed visiting this site many times over. So many wonderful works of art to see !

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