Sunday, September 03, 2006


Cool Site: PhD Career Clinic

This site provides a candid commentary on issues surrounding the search for an 'alternative' career that still embraces one's scientific core. Although it is a bit ad-heavy, it is regularly updated with a bevy of honest articles such as "Network Nerves: How Do You Actually Talk to People" and “How Do I Know What I Want to Do with My Life?”

Thanks to Becky for the link

Thanks for the mention, RTP Postdocs!

Yep, I've got ads all over the place. Someone's gotta pay for the hosting /domain name /my time writing articles - so I can make it free to the postdocs who read them. (Or a generous benefactor can come along and write me a huge check!)

I'm not familiar with postdoc blogs - this is a great idea. I'll be visiting again.
Dear Jane,

Thank you for visiting! We greatly appreciate your concern for postdocs and for ensuring that the content can be free.

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