Sunday, September 24, 2006


New Science Careers FAQ available hosts a popular and highly active forum moderated by Dave Jenson. This is an exceptional resource where one can ask specific questions from industry experts, get advice and perspective on work-related issues, and discuss science and education policy. Participants are exceptionally well-informed and have great passion for these issues.

Dave has recently composed a comprehensive FAQ that not only summarizes answers to some of the most common questions, but links the relevant discussion threads as well.

Some great entries include:
"My postdoc is not working out. My project does not seem to be going well, or I am not getting along with my PI. Should I leave?"

How will my career be affected if I do a second postdoctoral fellowship?"

Should I take a job as a research assistant professor?"

"What do I need to know to interview successfully by telephone?

"What do I do if they ask me about my salary expectations?"

How do I work with a recruiter to advance my career? Who should pay a recruiter's fees?"

"How do I identify the hiring manager?"

What other options are available if I have a PhD in the sciences but do not wish to work at the laboratory bench?"

The opinions are varied and included people from wide range of perspectives. With the data available forum-wide, Dave could really compose a fantastic book that should be put in the hands of every aspiring or practicing scientist.

Check it out!


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