Saturday, October 28, 2006


Biomarck VP of R&D to Speak at November CSBN Seminar

From his biosketch at

Dr. Ted Murphy has approximately 15 years of research and regulatory experience in academia and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to joining BioMarck, he consulted for several years for major U.S. pharmaceutical companies, was then the Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs for Cato Research, and served as Director of Regulatory at Research Triangle Institute. Dr. Murphy has led efforts that resulted in FDA approval of a biologic to treat infant botulism, a rare (orphan) disease, directed an effort that resulted in FDA approval of a new chemical entity to treat a rare gastrointestinal disease, and has submitted more than 10 successful INDs.

The seminar will be at UNC on November 15th, 4pm, Bioinformatics Bldg room #1131. This event is open to the public, so take the opportunity to meet a biotech insider!


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