Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Interviewing And Living Through It

Thanks to 'SS' at the sciencecareers.org forum for sharing this. Although it is chemistry-specific, I think the points mentioned are relevant to us biomedical folks as well.

(However, I do find the artwork at the head of the post very, very odd. Why is there a Rubenesque naked women in heels and men with swords and fezzes?)

Based on recent experiences, I would add the following thought:

Interviewers may ask you to interview them as their way of determining how prepared you are. This may be more likely to happen when speaking to upper management that you would not be working directly with in the job (i.e. CEO).

Trust me -- It can help to have this in mind ahead of time.


So I've been told that what is depicted in the linked picture is a 'candidate under scrutiny'. I think due to the composition of the piece, I certainly didn't infer that. And the fezzes still confuse me... :)

Actually, the confusion reminds me of a big painting on the 10th floor of where I worked at UTSW in Dallas, TX. Everyone 'normal' saw a wagon wheel kicking up mud and attached to a steer, while I saw this bovine monster with horns coming out of its eyes standing in front of a peace sign with bits of blood flying around. Both images are very Texas for different reasons. I wish I had that painting...
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